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Mt. Elbrus

elbrusBackground Information:

In the Caucuses Range of Southern Russia, near the border of Georgia, the twin peaks of Mt. Elbrus rise 5,642m (18,510ft) and 5,621m (18,442ft) above sea level. The West Peak of this mountain is the highest in all of Europe. Though dormant, a well of magma lies beneath this volcano. 22 glaciers cover the mountain, which has a permanent icecap.

Climbing Information:

After Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Elbrus is one of the most climbed of the Seven Summits, especially from its south side, which has a cable-car and snow-cat to ferry climbers up to the Pastuhov Rocks (4,800m) on Summit Day. From the north side, the climb is remote and more difficult, requiring a 1,800m (5,905ft) ascent on summit day. Frequently discounted as technically easy, Mt. Elbrus claims 15-30 lives per year due to inexperience and ill preparation.

Fun Facts:

  • Like Mt. Kilimanjaro, it is one of the “Volcanic Seven Summits,” as it is the highest volcano in Europe.
  • There are hot springs near the northern base camp of the mountain.
  • Political instability has caused disturbances on the south side of the mountain (the easier route), resulting in the deaths of some climbers in recent years.
  • In 1956, 400 Russian climbers stormed the mountain at one time to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the incorporation of the local region into the greater state of Russia (then the USSR).
  • According to Outside magazine, Elbrus is home to the ‘world’s nastiest’ outhouse. It is also one of the Europe’s highest outhouses.
  • A Land Rover Defender was driven to the summit in 1997, setting a record as the highest X, in 1997. However, it crashed on the way down and what is left of the jeep remains 150m below the east summit.

Cason’s Climb:

Cason reached the summit of Mt. Elbrus via the north side at 1:42pm on Saturday, June 9th, 2012.

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