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Flying Standby

This morning we met all of the other Vinson climbers who will be attempting the mountain at the same time as us with other expeditions. The entire group, 35 people to be exact, met for the ALE briefing this morning in Punta. We went over the procedures we needed to follow while on the Antarctic continent regarding waste disposal and cleanliness as well as the general overview of the mountain and the schedule for the flights out. They then came to our hotels to weigh our bags and then took them to load them onto the massive Ilyushin 76 that we are flying down there in. (I still can´t get over the fact that it´s a four hour flight to Union Glacier!)

This Ilyushin 76 is the same kind of jet that we are flying down to the continent in.

Now we´re on standby… Basically we are just waiting to get a call from ALE telling us to get ready and then we will have 30 or so minutes to grab our stuff and get to the airport for our flight. It´s all weather dependent, but we´re hoping to fly out tomorrow morning.

For now, we´re just doing some last minute charging and downloading while we still can. Hopefully this will be my last blog post for a while (remember, no news is good news!) and I´ll update you when we return!

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