The Rainbow Summits Project

Mt. Vinson – Day 11

After a rest day, we set out to do a ridge traverse close to VBC. We began the hike after breakfast and arrived at the base of the steep slope around 2 hours later. What had looked like a clear line of ice and packed snow up to the ridge was actually a section of mixed rock and ice, with boulders the size of cars. While this might sound intimidating, it was actually a pleasant surprise. With so much glacier travel and time on the ice the past week, we were all excited to do some scrambling on real hard rock.

Me and Jacob up on the ridge

We practiced our mixed climbing techniques and made it to the top of the ridge after about an hour of climbing. From there, we continued traversing the ridge despite some huge cornices. It looked like the cornice was as large as a school bus at one point! We carefully picked our way to the other side of the ridge before descending the other side of the steep slope and heading back to camp.

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