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Mt. Vinson – Day 4

The high from VBC to Low Camp is a long, arduous, rolling slog uphill. In stark contrast, the route from Low Camp to High Camp is short – only 2.5km – but includes the steepest section of the entire climb: the fixed lines. The approximately 55% slope is set up with six 500m sets of lines to help ensure the safety of the climbers. This is another similarity to Denali, where the steepest section of the climb – between 14k camp and high camp – has fixed lines.

Going up the fixed lines on Vinson

The four of us moved quickly up the lines, as we had relatively light loads and were all feeling good in the sunny and unseasonably warm weather. We roped up again at the top of the lines and made the final hour of trekking to High Camp. High Camp is clearly more exposed to the wind than Low Camp, which is in a sheltered area of the mountain.

One of my teammates was starting to feel lightheaded and nauseous from the altitude so we quickly cached our gear before descending back to Low Camp.

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