The Rainbow Summits Project

Mt. Vinson – Day 9

We heard on the radio in the morning that they might try to fly us all off from VBC that evening, so all of the teams at High Camp packed up and began moving down. We were the last to leave and took a leisurely pace. There’s really no rush going down and, assuming the weather report looks good, there is a lot to be gained by going slowly. We dug up our Low Camp cache and plopped our stuff back into our sleds for the final leg of the climb – Low Camp to VBC. Once through the crevasse field and back at VBC, we set up our tents and made a huge dinner. All of the other teams ended up flying off, but they made us stay another couple days so that we could join the last remaining climbers on the mountain who were still up trying to summit. At first we were disappointed because at that point we were beginning to crave the “luxuries” afforded to those at Union Glacier…heated bathrooms, gourmet meals, etc… But we decided to be optimistic and take advantage of our days at VBC to climb some other peaks in the range.

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